Click here to contact me. I’m happy to create any SEL workshop that you’d like. A sample of sessions I’ve presented are below.

 Sessions Available on:

  • Understanding about the Brain to Better Understand Our Kids
  • Understanding Why Children Behave Like They Do
  • Back to Basics: Strategies to Help Engage, Encourage, and Empower Kids
  • Grit (And not the cereal)
  • Having Positive Self- Talk (even when it’s tough)
  • Managing Emotions 
  • Dealing with Anxiety (Tips or Grown-Up and Kids)
  • Being Your Own Hero
  • Navigating the New Normal with A Growth Mindset

Navigating the New Normal with a Growth Mindset 

 Educators have truly shown growth mindset and this in the past few months. Around the country, we have had to approach the “new normal” in finding how to best meet the needs of our students by learning new skills to deliver our programs and lessons. The growth mindset theory, pioneered by Dr. Carol Dweck, has been a well-researched concept that has benefited school across the nation prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be  even more important in school communities going forward. In this session, we will discuss the tenants of growth mindset such as understanding basic neuroscience, having grit, embracing the power of yet and how our mindset will be integral in helping us move forward in these uncertain times.   

  Distance Learning Ideas for School Counselors 

In the current reality of school closures and the potential alternatives for the future, school counselors have had to reinvent ways to connect with their school communities. In this session, practical ideas for classroom instruction, small groups, lunch bunches, staff morale support, and parent engagement will be addressed. We will explore how counselors can a) not reinvent the wheel and borrow best practices from others and b) implement high impact programs. We will discuss obstacles, anxieties, and the best ways to navigate being a comprehensive school counselor by maintaining engagement with our school community.

Other presentations/trainings I’ve delivered?

I’ve presented to educators K-12 on the following topics. I can also design a session around topics that your district or school is looking for. The following sessions have been presented around the nation and I can provide references of the attendees and/or coordinators upon request. (States that I have presented in include: IN, GA, SC, NC, KY, TN, CA, CO, FL, TX, MS)

  • Teaching Growth Mindset in Schools: Mindset Matters
  • Understanding the Brain: Understanding Neuroscience,  Trauma Informed-Education, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Creating a Psychologically Safe Community
  • Staying Relevant while Remaining Resilient.

What others have said about Lisa’s training sessions:

Great job. This growth mindset translated all over our building for sure. Thank you for your encouragement and for reinforcing the need for us to transform our mindset for our scholars, community, and I love the self-care piece that you shared.   -Jeremy K. Riffle, Ed.S. (Triton School Corporation Superintendent, Indiana) August 2019

“This was fantastic! Lots of good resources, smart suggestions that I can use, and lots to think about. Can’t wait to put it into action!”  Participant ASCA July 2018

“This is my favorite presentation so far! Lisa King was extremely engaging. I feared that it may be too elementary, but I was able to take away plenty of helpful hints for secondary.”  Participant ASCA July 2018

“I would like to first express again how much I enjoyed your presentation. I’ve returned to school and begun the work. I presented to my staff this morning and received the green light from administration and staff to work to create a Growth Mindset culture at our school.” Participant NCSCA November 2018.

Thanks again for coming! I know I got a lot of great feedback from teachers. They loved your presentation and message. – Kyle McGraw, Principal Bowling Green High School, KY  Nov 2019