Growth Mindset / SEL Training

If yowant me to come do a workshop for your school/district click here and let me know! 

What presentations/trainings do I deliver?

I present to educators K-12 on the following topics. I can also design a session around topics that your district or school is looking for. The following sessions have been presented around the nation and I can provide references of the attendees and/or coordinators upon request. (States that I have presented in include: IN, GA, SC, NC, KY, TN, CA, CO, FL, TX)

  • Teaching Growth Mindset in Schools: Mindset Matters
  • Growth Mindset Groups: Implementing Groups for Students and Becoming a Growth Mindset Group as a Staff
  • Understanding the Brain: Understanding Neuroscience,  Trauma Informed-Education, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness
  • College and Career Awareness for Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Creating a Psychologically Safe Community
  • Staying Relevant while Remaining Resilient.

What others have said about Lisa’s training sessions:

“This was fantastic! Lots of good resources, smart suggestions that I can use, and lots to think about. Can’t wait to put it into action!”  Participant ASCA July 2018

“This is my favorite presentation so far! Lisa King was extremely engaging. I feared that it may be too elementary, but I was able to take away plenty of helpful hints for secondary.”  Participant ASCA July 2018

“I would like to first express again how much I enjoyed your presentation. I’ve returned to school and begun the work. I presented to my staff this morning and received the green light from administration and staff to work to create a Growth Mindset culture at our school.” Participant NCSCA November 2018.