Goal Setting Is Like the Domino Effect: Lesson Ideas

This year when I talked about GOAL SETTING with 3rd grade, I used the metaphor of the domino effect. I did a lesson using this PPT.

In this lesson, I show this video showing how a tic tac size domino is all that is needed to start the domino effect where eventually a 100 pound domino can be knocked over. Meaning –> take a small step to eventually lead to BIG results. The kids just get it.

The students LOVE coming to do centers with me. I have a group room that is large enough, but you can set up mobile centers if you don’t have access to a bigger room. I did centers using dominoes and the students played their little hearts out. Watching them each set up the dominoes in totally different ways: some failed, some knocked each others’ structure over, some color coded their domino run. While some kids wanted to work together, others worked alone. Some used the dominoes to build towers, others experimented with different shapes. Wooden dominoes for the win. Got mine here on Amazon.

Here are a couple more videos I use in the classroom lesson. They are entertaining for sure.

After watching the domino runs … the kids always say , “It’s so satisfying.” Also entertaining is watching cats and dominoes videos. Watching funny/clever animal videos are a thing, btw.

Let me know if anyone has any questions and hope your students enjoy this lesson. And if you are still reading… you must work with kids, so thanks for all you do. It’s no joke out there right now in schools. Hang in their peeps. ~Lisa

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