Minute Meetings: What, Why and How?

minute-meetingsFor the past few years, I have heard about minute meetings. This year I’ve decided to give it a try. So, here is what I have found in my search.


Students meet with a counselor 1:1 in the hallway for a quick check in.

Here is what other school counselors have to say about meeting minutes.






  • Students love 1:1 positive attention. With minute meetings, each students can be assured, “My counselor knows me!”.
  • Students are reminded that the school counselor is a support person they can talk to.
  • Counselor will get to know a student’s self-perception on things like school, family, friends, worries and needs.



Click here to see the sample excel-sheet sample and here for the blank-excel-template for minute-meetings

Here is how I ran my minute meetings.

  1. I started small. I met with only 5th graders for this year, thinking next year I’ll add another grade level.  I had 5 classes of about 24 students each. I met with each class for 30 to 45 minutes pulling kids into the hallway for a minute-ish each. The other students were doing an activity (watching an intro to Growth Mindset video and answering questions about it … with a word search on the back) Here is the PPT I send to teachers with the hyperlinks of videos embedded. ppt-for minute-meetings
  2. I used an Excel Worksheet with a few simple question using this form to document the student’s needs and answers to my questions. I like using excel because I can sort each column to triage.
  3. I asked the students 4 questions where they could answer by telling me or pointing to a number. Easy Peazy. And then I asked a follow up question if warranted or if there was time. Here is the 0-to-10 likert scale you can print out for them to look at while you chat.
  4. Each student answered the questions as we sat in 2 chairs in the hallway and upon finishing went back in the class and tapped another student to come.


What were the benefits of minute meetings?

  • Students loved the 1:1 attention. I got face to face time with 125 students in 3 days.
  • I learned things about students I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
  • I got pre-post measures of self-perception for any 5th grader I might invite to be in a small group… and now I know who might be good candidates for some of my groups.
  • Other staff noticed and asked, “What are you doing in the hallway with the kids?” My principal walked by several time. This was a great way to SHOW a great new program.
  • 125 students heard a grown up say, “If you ever need anyone to talk to, I am here for you”.
  • I emailed the teachers afterwards  (here is the email) to reinforce my appreciation of their flexibility of doing this unorthodox “lesson” and got great feedback.
  • Would I do it again? 100% yes!

4 thoughts on “Minute Meetings: What, Why and How?”

    1. I came in to the class and explained that the kids would watch 2 videos and then work on a worksheet while I was in the hallway with one kiddo at a time. I had a PPT with hyperlinks I sent to the teachers with the videos. The first video, The Characer of Science was 8 minutes and got GREAT feedback from teachers on that one. The second video, The Learning Brain, was 6 minutes. I gave them a back and front worksheet with 2 pages from the curriculum Mindset Matters for them to work on (a wordsearch pg 49 and a maze pg 67 along with an area for them to write 3 things they learned from the videos)
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3nT2KDAGOc The Character of Science is the 8 minute video (AWESOME!!) and the 6 minute video was The Learning Brain is found at https://www.youtube.com/watchv=cgLYkV689s4
      Thanks Candice for the feedback! I will add the slide I send to the teachers into the blog post for easy use. 🙂

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