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Want to infuse the Growth Mindset theory into your counseling program to help students increase self-esteem and achievement? Counselors can use these research-based lessons in classroom curriculum and/or small group counseling by teaching:

  • Mindfulnessbonus
  • Identify Brain Basics
  • Not Yet is OK (power of YET)
  • Determination/Grit
  • Self-Talk
  • Everyone is Unique
  • Teach Others What You Know

Counselors, teachers, and students will enjoy these easy to implement innovative lessons and teach your students a foundation of brain science, the magic of grit, and the benefits of learning about learning that can help them see the positive outcomes of having a growth mindset.

Be Your Own Hero

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6 thoughts on “Books By Lisa King”

  1. Thank you Lisa for thinking about giving away your wonderful books. I work in an alternative K-5 program, I would use the books to get their creative juices flowing about what their future holds, not their past. To help me stay focused on the keys and to have a plan for this young age. I am use to working with seniors and high school students so this year has been a challenge to make the shift in mindset to these bundles of joy!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Do you know when you newest Mindset Matters book is coming out? I thought it was happening in 2018. Do you when?

    1. Hey Janet,
      The new book “Integrating Growth Mindset in Schools” for K-12 is still on track for Spring 2018. I’ll definitely keep you posted when I get a more exact date. One more round of edits and then off to the printer is what I have been told. Thanks for reaching out. 🙂

  3. Hi there! Your website is amazing & flourishing with resources, but I have a bizarre question. Do you have any connects at the high school level?

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