MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOLS: Strategies for Connection and Wellness

I think we can all agree that we are seeing an increase in student mental health issues in schools post-pandemic at a level that we’ve never seen before. Right? Like things we used to see once or twice a year we see every other week. Elopement, Severe Anxiety, Behavior Problems, Suicidal Ideation. And more. It is… a lot.

I was honored to give a keynote on this topic in Wake County, NC for the start of the year kickoff and below are some of the resources that will serve as an easy way to reference what I talked about. Also, I hope this post can serve as helpful to all who are reading. Here are some quick ideas of strategies to implement and resources.

A Clear Self-Referral System for Students

First of all, school counselors/social workers might be the only mental health professional a student has access to, so we have to communicate a clear way that students can sign up to see a counselor. This helps students in their first steps of knowing how to self-advocate. Here is how I set up my referral passes: Counselor Passes. Also make sure ALL staff know the referral system too!

When Students Come to See You

Giving a student a safe place to get regulated is a large part of what we can do to help. And giving kids a way to communicate is also a key.

1-10 Check in from Whole Hearted Counselor

1-10 Check-ins that I use

List Of Coping Skills for Your Students

Video for Upper Elem or Middle for Cool Down Corner (Procedures)

Podcast for High Schoolers: PBS On Our Minds

Check on Your Staff

And then there is staff mental health. It’s hard for everyone is schools these days, so we need to check in on our teachers.

Wellness Room/Zen Zone for Staff

Keep it Awkward: Here is a Video about

How You Doin? Staff Check in

Staff Challenge

Benefits of Social Connection

Glimmers and Triggers

Include Parents in the Conversation

Mental Health Parent Toolkit Elementary

Mental Health Parent Toolkit Middle/High School

Parent Workshop Info

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