3 Growth Mindset Lessons For Elementary Grades

As many of you know, teaching growth mindset is my jam. While I use the framework of Mindset Matters, I tweak lessons a bit each year. This year these are the 3 lessons I taught in 4th grade this year. Don’t forget to click on the links for the resources including PowerPoints and worksheets.

Growth Mindset Lesson 1: Perseverance

I give this framework using the acronym shown here. We review grit and perseverance using this PPT.

I show this video. It is always a hit and yes it sticks in your brain.

I walk them through this activity from Whole Hearted School Counseling

Growth Mindset Lesson 2: The Power of Yet

I review the Mindset Matters Framework

I review neuroplasticity using this song and this PPT.

I give these worksheets on brainteasers that they might not get YET.

Growth Mindset Lesson 3: Classroom Stations/Centers

I did mobile centers or stations in the classroom and the easy prep and high engagement made me want to do something like this again soon. I showed this PPT to give them an overview. I traveled with my growth mindset centers on this handy dandy cart.

Center 1: Playdough Mats to Explore Neuropathways and the Power of Yet.

Center 2: Reading Center: Students will read this book (and of course there are lots of non-fiction brain books for kids you could use.)

Center 3: Classroom Doddles has some great coloring sheets that say words and are like adult coloring books… so relaxing… kids love them and they’re pretty!

I hope that some of this is helpful and let me know if you have any questions! ~Lisa

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