Top 6 Resources in My Counseling Program

It’s hard to choose my favorite resources… but here are the ones I use year after year and they are always engaging additions to my lessons.

Dry Erase Worksheet Covers

These are brilliant! Put any worksheet in this plastic cover and voila …. you have a dry erase surface for kids to write on/erase and then use again for the next class. This saves paper and kids love using dry erase markers for any activity. When I bring these in for lessons, teachers get inspired to buy their own set.They are affordable and mine have lasted years!

Eggspert “Game Show System”

I love this Game for Classroom lessons. Every time I use it I have colleagues ask to borrow it or want to know where I got it. It is a great tool for learning and reviewing, and just feeling like you are on a gameshow.

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Brain Toys

Brain Toys like Plush Neurons and Brain Squishy or Brain Stress Balls. One of my favorite things to teach kids about is how their brain works. I think it is one of the most important tools we can teach our students, since these lessons teach BOTH emotional regulation and neuroplasticity. Brain Basics is a key topic that I feel like students deserve to learn.

This Puppy Puppet is AMAZING

This puppet who I call Impulsive Puppy has been a fan favorite for over 20 years. Check out the photo below of me &Impulsive Puppy from way back when! I recently ran into a former student who is now in her late 20’s. She asked me if I still used Impulsive Puppy in my lessons (it made me so happy that my lessons were memorable!). This puppet is so full of character. I always have him act “impulsively” and the kids think it’s hilarious. I also have a sign around his neck that says “STOP AND THINK” and sometimes that kids make a similar sign to put on their desks.

Yup… there is Impulsive Puppy going strong as a resource since this photo from 2000.

The Wheel of Fun

I know you can get this type of wheel electronically on a smart board. For some reason, though, the kids find this much more satisfying. This another version that isn’t magnetic and can just sit on any surface.

Mindset Matters Curriculum

Ok, I’m biased since I wrote this. But honestly, I find myself going back to this book for the ideas to jog my memory about kid tested lessons. Check out these lessons (over 50 in here!) with easy to follow PPTS, lesson plans, and worksheets (if I do say so myself… albeit humbly!)

I always love to hear what your favorite resources are. Tell me your faves!

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