Lessons By Topic

Want free reproducible lessons? Click on the blue link below to see the details. I hope these ideas make your planning a little easier. 🙂

End of Year Lessons (K-3)

Flying into Next Year (The Little Butterfly that Could)

Look At How We’ve Grown (Mrs. Spitzers’ Garden)

Neuroplasticity/Growth Mindset: Grades 3-7  What is Neuroplasticity: Yummy Connections

Circle of Control  (grades 4-5)

Lego Challenge (grades K-6)

Feelings: K-2 Exploring Feelings/Unpacking Your Feelings Backpack

Personal Safety: K-3 Stranger Danger + The Uh Oh Feeling

Peer Pressure:4th grade and up The M&M Guessing Game

Diversity/ We All Unique:K-2 Elmer

Personal Space K-2:Personal Space-Ships

Celebrating Creativity/Growth Mindset:The Dot

Test Prep:Dealing with Anxieties and Having Grit

Goal Setting K-2: The Carrot Seed