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As the new school year creeps closer, one question you might deal with is what bulletin board/wall display you want to create. For me, I know that I am going to be focusing on Growth Mindset due to the new curriculum I am using. Click on the blue hyperlinks to see video clips and other resources on the subject. So here are a few bulletin boards I found while trolling Pinterest, etc.  I’ll probably merge a few of these ideas to create my bulletin board.

(Btw, If you are interested in using this concept in your program, you will want to check out a new book/curriculum for classes and groups… Mindset Matters! Published by National Center for Youth Issues).

**Update **Here is what I finally decided on and created:


Signs like this are at the 4 corners of the display.


Everything you need to create this is available at the link below.

Idea #1: Love this idea for GRIT. Definitely one of the front runners in what I might replicate.


Idea #2: I’ve seen this idea with different graphics. I’m tinkering with which one I like best.

A) Grow Your Mind (Flower Idea)       or                                             B) Which Step Have You Reached Today?Which-Step-Have-You-Reached-Today

Grow your mind

Idea #3: Growth Mindset Pennant Banner. This is from TheDaringEnglsihTeacher on TPT. My idea is to have staff members fill these out and display these as a border.

growth mindset pennant banner

Idea 4: The Power of Yet… got this from Pinterest and I love the superhero theme visual combined with this Growth Mindset message.

power of yet

Idea 5: I like that this post (originally pinned by has multiple components and parts of growth mindset on one board.

growth mindset bulletin board

Idea 6: Another good one:

I’ll post the final product of what I decide on…but in the meantime, here is a page of other random and awesome bulletin boards on other themes compiled by  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, feedback or other ideas I can add here!

~ Lisa

2 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Ideas”

    1. Last year I sent out the link of Carol Dweck’s TED Talk (it’s about 10 minutes). I think many of the teachers learned about it as I was teaching it to the kids. I followed up my lessons with sending links to the teachers about the aspect of growth mindset that I taught that week (ie: grit, the power of yet. etc).

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