Best Way to Create a College and Career Fair in Elementary School

A few years ago, I introduced a new way for our 4th/5th graders to experience Career Day in a College/Career Fair format. This format is waaayyyyy better than what we were previously doing. It’s more fun, and teachers, students, and parents love it!

Here is a bundle of some helpful forms… read below how to use the handouts.

Setting up a Career Fair

For the event, we start planning about 6-8 (sometimes 4) weeks prior. Using the forms linked here, we ask for volunteers to come and set up a table to speak about their career, college/military/vocational school experience. (volunteer request form can be found here and electronic form here).

Other helpful forms are in this Google Folder for College Career Fair

Mapping It Out/Scheduling

The schedule below includes how I map of out our cafeteria showing which speakers are presenting. We have tables in the cafeteria and have groups numbered the same as the table that they will start at (each group has of 6-10 kids.) Each group starts at their designated table and then they rotate to the next numbered table for 6 different speakers. Confused or have questions? contact me.

This is the epitome of organized chaos.. The tables are numbered and the student groups are assigned numbers. They start at their # table and then go to the next consecutive table when I announce on the megaphone. Each group will not see every speaker… but they see the 6-7 they are assigned. You can design it differently but this is controlled chaos that works.

Keeping the Kids On Task During The Career Fair

I encourage teachers to have the kids bring clipboards and use this notetaking sheet to maintain some structure.

Hands-on learning in elementary school means learning by doing. Instead of just reading about career awareness or listening to a counselor-led lesson about it, students learn more by engaging in activities that allow them to experience and explore possibilities for their future.

PS: For our K-2 students, we have Careers On Wheels down to a science. See this post for more details on that. And read on for more details about setting up your own College/Career Fair.

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Also, as requested… here is a choice board that you can post for students to do throughout the week.

Have any questions?! Let me know! ~Lisa

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    1. Thanks for asking… so I could be reminded to add it here! The link for the reflection/note taking sheet doesn’t have specific questions so that the students can just write a fact or two from each speaker. The link is

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Our College/Career Fair is Friday… so I am in the zone of preparing.

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