Book Give Away and 3 PPT Lessons for #BeYourOwnHero (Self-Confidence, Standing Up for Yourself and Others, Growth Mindset)

This post is to celebrate the end of the year with a book giveaway and to share some ways to use the book Be Your Own Hero. You can use this book for a one time lesson, a small group curriculum, a dress up day, a year long theme, or 3 lessons… all with this one book. (see bottom of post for giveaway details)

Here are ideas for three lessons. Click below for the PPTs. I did this in 3rd grade, but the lesson could be adapted up or down. (FYI: I used this while teaching F2F virtual students simultaneously. So many ways to make it versatile)

Lesson 1 (Self-Confidence) Be Your Own Hero Intro: Read the book and discuss the first lesson using Albert Einstein as an example. Introduce some superhero jokes, and the ideas of a superhero theme that will be the foundation of the next 2 lessons. Follow this PPT for Lesson 1.pptx

Lesson 2 (Standing Up for Yourself and Others) Discuss doing the right thing… standing up for yourself and others. Use Rosa Parks (or current heroes) as an example of standing up for others even when it’s tough. Discuss being an upstander using the NED video as per PPT here. The video clip is great.

Lesson 3 (Growth Mindset) Heroes learn that failure leads to success. Here is where we dive into growth mindset. I used this interactive slide and this ppt for this lesson.

Worksheets to use/inspire you to supplement this book:

Heroes Roll and Respond

Bitmoji Classrooms for 5 lessons in this book

Barbara Gruener’s Pinterest Page of All Things SuperHero

Stories by Storie Resources and Worksheets

I will add to this list soon! So MANY options to reinforce the superhero theme and the lessons that we need to find our hero within!

BOOK GIVEAWAY! Comment below with … well anything at all (how might you use the book, who is your hero, what heroism did you see this year?) to be entered into a random drawing for a free book. I’ll leave the contest open till June 17th b/c that’s my bestie’s bday. (Shout out to Randi Downey…whoot).

7 thoughts on “Book Give Away and 3 PPT Lessons for #BeYourOwnHero (Self-Confidence, Standing Up for Yourself and Others, Growth Mindset)”

  1. This book looks fabulous – and a topic that kids can really benefit from. I’m ordering the book and thinking about using it for summer school lessons. I’d love another copy to use as a “raffle prize” for a lucky student at the end of our summer program!

  2. I may read this book to a whole class, in a small group or individually. It will be a wonderful addition to my 🧰 toolbox!

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