The Little Butterfly That Could: End of the Year Activity

So, for my end of the year activity with my littles I created this new lesson and wanted to share. I am in L.O.V.E with this book, The Little Butterfly that Could by Ross Burach, and it marries perfectly with an end of the year activity. Plus I wanted to do a craft and found the perfect (and cheap) one that is easy and adorable. When I posted this pic on Instagram, there was a vast interest in me sharing this lesson, so voila.

PPT, explanation of craft and worksheet available here:

I did this lesson with 1st grade but it could easily be K-2. Here is the list of the supplies. Dollar Tree for the win as we got 2 grade levels workth of supplies for $29.

Per kid you will need: 1 Clothepin, 1/2 pipecleaner, 2 cupcake liners, 2 stickers for eyes (or they can use marker)

Here is the inspiration for the craft used in this lesson. See the ppt for a more in depth look at my version of this.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

This blog post might be updated as I continue editing it. And this lesson might be added to TPT, so download it now and also let me know what more I can add. I hope this is helpful! The kids and I hae been having fun with it. Bonus points if you have a butterfly puppet you can use to literally fly around the classroom and into “next year”.

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