Lego Challenge: An Anytime 30-minute Lesson

If you can find enough lego to use, you have an engaging classrom or group lesson for every grade level (K-5… maybe even middle school). I have been doing this lesson for my end-of-year lesson in 2nd grade this week and I’m bringing it to 4th grade next week. Of course, for noise control… you can have a few trinkets/prizes to encourage “good listeners”… I’m not afraid of positive reinforcement incentives. I’ve tried to set up the sequence of events clearly outlined in the PPT. Let me know if you have questions.


–ziploc bags (sandwich size) for every student.
–Enough lego to fill each bag about 1/3 to 1/2.
–Numbers 1-8 label for each bag in 3 different colors (I use red, blue, and yellow) Click here and run off on different colored paper. Tape over the numbers onto the Ziplocs so it stays on.
–Print these cards for Challenge #2. You will pass out a different random card to each small group.
–THIS PPT should walk you through it!

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