DOT DAY: Ideas for Celebrating

Peter Reynolds’ Dot Day is every year on September 15th-ish and although this is my first year diving in, I know it will now be “a thing”. The Dot is a story that can be used in almost any content area.The themes of creativity, confidence, and growth mindset bring endless lesson ideas. And even if you are reading this book and it’s not Dot Day, there are amazing lessons to do any time of year!
The art project that I did in each of my 3rd grade classes was inspired by this post by SMARTclass here but as all educators do, I tweaked it to work for me/my students and a 30-minute timeframe. I’ll post the PPT I used soon. The creative chaos was awesome and the lesson ended with an “oooh, ahh” and the kids got the point especially because they didn’t think this art project would be as cool as it was, and they only experienced the fun by …. starting with a dot. They sure made their marks today. I’ll update this post with details of the lessons and pics soon. And scroll down for other links if interested. After a long day, I’m pooped!! Happy Dot Day!

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  1. This is great, I didn’t know about this song, so excited to use it this year. Not sure if it was just me, but I was unable to click on the PPT.

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