Neuroplasticity Lesson: Yummy Connections

Here is one of my favorite lessons teaching neuroplasticity. I had several requests for this from an Instagram post so for anyone who wants it, here you go! It is from my Mindset Matters (2016) curriculum book (pg. 68-69), but slightly revamped. I’m putting it here for easy access. Here is a link to the full curriculum Mindset Matters , if you are interested. (And if you have used it, please take a minute to review on Amazon. Pretty please!) 😁

Here is the PPT to guide the lesson and the lesson plan/worksheet that goes with it too. All you need is Peel and Pull Licorice, the worksheet and the PPT that takes your students step by step through the awesome process of training and growing your brain.

Here are the videos that are embedded in the PPT. They are awesome teaching tools.

If you like this lesson check out the curriculum for more! Also here is a Crosswalk to make the whole process of planning easier! Enjoy ~Lisa

4 thoughts on “Neuroplasticity Lesson: Yummy Connections”

  1. Thanks for putting this info out there for our use. I have your Growth Mindset In Schools book and have taught lessons out of that. It is well received so I will try this one on neuroplasticity which I only mention in passing in my other lesson.

  2. I am teaching a class on neuroplasticity and growth mindset to my students today and came across this! I love the song and will be sharing it with them at the end of class!

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