Neuroplasticity Lesson: Yummy Connections

Here is one of my favorite lessons teaching neuroplasticity. I had several requests for this from an Instagram post so for anyone who wants it, here you go! It is from my Mindset Matters (2016) curriculum book (pg. 68-69), but slightly revamped. I’m putting it here for easy access. Here is a link to the full curriculum Mindset Matters , if you are interested. (And if you have used it, please take a minute to review on Amazon. Pretty please!) 😁

Here is the PPT to guide the lesson and the lesson plan/worksheet that goes with it too.

Here are the videos that are embedded in the PPT. They are awesome teaching tools.

2 thoughts on “Neuroplasticity Lesson: Yummy Connections”

  1. Thanks for putting this info out there for our use. I have your Growth Mindset In Schools book and have taught lessons out of that. It is well received so I will try this one on neuroplasticity which I only mention in passing in my other lesson.

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