#ASCA22 Presentation: Navigating the New Normal via Growth Mindset

ASCA 2022 in Austin, TX…. here we come! (Or depending on when you read this, here we are). This session will have lots of practical ideas of how to teach growth mindset AND have a growth mindset as we enter a new normal again. and again. and again. The world is moving fast and I hope to give you ideas you can use with students, staff, and families. Contact me if you want more info. In the live session you will here how to use these resources, but it you aren’t/weren’t able to attend – voila – here are the resources.


The resource MINDSET MATTERS has it all, and here is a Crosswalk of lessons for Grades 2-5 using that book. The book also gives links to free PPTS that you can use too.

Carol Dweck’s Ted Talk This is the OG video that inspired many of us to learn more about growth mindset. We have to instill HOPE in our kids and colleagues. WE ARE HOPE DEALERS!

A Great Example of Grit (Kid Jumping on Stool Video) add this one to any ppt on grit!

Staff Check in : How You Doing? Great to do a check-in with staff about where they are in the rollercoaster of emotions Or The Wellness Challenge where staff competes against themselves for self-care goals. (We did random drawing for a gift card for everyone who met their goal.

Games to Hook Kids in Lessons

Check-Ins to start lessons, group, or individual sessions.

Hidden Pictures to Integrate into Lessons

Purple squishy !!!


Lesson on Yummy Neuroplasticity: A Hands on Lesson on Neuroplasticity using peel and pull licorice

Neuroplasticity Song/Video

Family/Parent Engagement Sessions: Find out more about doing workshops for staff and parents.

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