How YOU Doin’? : A Staff Check-In

My counseling partner and I have been chatting about supporting our staff during this school closure/COVID-19/new normal/surreal Spring of 2020.

We came up with these realizations:

  • Everyone is overwhelmed
  • We wanted to connect while not being “lecture-y” and being sensitive to different needs.

Thank goodness (is an understatement) for having a wonderful work wife and counseling partner to brainstorm with during these stressful times. (Shout out to Shannon Scepaniak…whoot!) We came up with this after days of collaborating. Please steal this template and tweak to your staff needs.

The “How YOU Doin?” Staff Check in Survey is here.

Please feel free to use this template! Why reinvent the wheel? We have gotten great feedback from staff from this simple check in. If you notice #3 asks about a Buddy Check program we are putting together that program and I will update this blog post when we put that stuff together. (PS- email/comment here to remind me if you are interested… in case I forget to come back and post).

2 thoughts on “How YOU Doin’? : A Staff Check-In”

    1. We paired people semi-randomly… just tried to make good matches. And they had a buddy to check on and a separate person checking on them. Each week I would share ideas of what you could do for your buddy or just a quick reminder. We did this in Spring, but glad you asked, b/c I need to start this up again!

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