Navigating the New Normal with a Growth Mindset Roadmap

This year is starting out with a hope for more normalcy than last year, but still a big question mark looms about many things. More than ever, we’ve had to be/are going to need to be… flexible. What better way to infuse the need for growth and overcoming obstacles that might come our way other than….. growth mindset.

Carol Dweck’s Ted Talk This is the OG video that inspired many of us to learn more about growth mindset. We have to instill HOPE in our kids and colleagues. WE ARE HOPE DEALERS!

A Great Example of Grit (Kid Jumping on Stool Video) add this one to any ppt on grit!

Staff Check in : How You Doing? Great to do a check-in with staff about where they are in the rollercoaster of emotions

An Awareness Test: A video that you can use to point out that you can miss things if you aren’t seeing the big picture or if you are hyper-focused.

Games to Hook Kids in Lessons

Check Ins

Marigolds: This is an amazing blogpost… a must read about having good peeps around you.

Lesson on Yummy Neuroplasticity: A Hands on Lesson on Neurosplasticity using peel and pull licorice

Backward Bicycle: This video boggled my 🧠. It is spot on about learning and unlearning things.

Snowman Video: Fight Flight or Freeze

Family/Parent Engagement Sessions: Extend the learning to include all stakeholders!

Brain Games Video: Jumping to Conclusions

Object Lessons and Ideas (link coming soon)

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly

If you have any questions let me know! ~Lisa

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