#VOV2021 Anxiety, Goals of Behavior, & Family Engagement Programs

Each year, the Victory Over Violence Conference with the Kentucky Family Resource Coordinators is a great time to get inspired for the upcoming year.

I hope you find the following info/handouts helpful, and as always contact me if you want more information. Below are the sessions I presented and resources for each one. (This blog post will be growing as I realize what else I can add that might be helpful)

Session 1: Anxiety and Coping Skills


Video about Anxiety in Teens during pandemic

Video about Fight Flight Freeze

Video: Awareness Test

Virtual Calm Down Room

Bitmoji Calm Down Room

PInwheels for Mindful Breathing

Session 2: Goals Of Behavior: Why Children Behave the Way they Do


Quiz: Are you a control freak?

Video about Purpose of Behavior

Brian Mendler Video about Power Struggles

Growth Mindset Tip of the Week

Carol Dweck: Why Praising Effort is Essential

Session 3: Family Engagement Programs

Click here if you want me to send you information on custom built Family/Parent Workshops I can do with your school/district

An overview of Zoom Parent Workshop Format

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