Make Your Own Mandala: A Mindfulness Lesson

Shout out to Dr. Beth Ruff, school counselor extraordinaire, for sending me her idea. I have tweaked it and I must say, it has been a HUGE success. Like super huge. Thanks Beth!

This lesson is such a hook into mindfulness. The majority of the students in each class gave this a two thumbs up and the atmosphere in the classes was peaceful and serene (bonus!)

Here is the PPT to help guide your lesson.

And here is the file of mandala templates. I give my students page 1, but if we have any melt downers/perfectionists, I have a ready-made template available. And the teachers consistently asked for the digital file of templates for their cool-down corners or for morning work options.

I want to get this blog post up, so message me if you need more info. This is a no fail lesson (kid-tested and approved).

Aaaand, if you are still reading this :), I will be posting again soon. Why? Well, I have an exciting announcement in the next couple of weeks. New book alert!! And this one is a children’s book. Surreal times over here.


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