Crosswalk of Mindset Matters Lessons: Ideas that are Kid-Tested

So….. as I continue doing growth mindset work with kids, I have loved adding some lessons to my arsenal that are interactive fun and shareable. I typically teach from the acrostic MINDSET seen below from Mindset Matters curriculum. And when I am teaching in the classroom or in groups, I love to keep this crosswalk handy so I can have easy access to lessons that have worked and that I can replicate. And now you can replicate them too. There are hyperlinks to my PPTs, previous blog posts, other people’s TPTs I’ve used and amazon links to books. As always… have questions? Contact me!

Click here for the copy of this crosswalk with hyperlinks to the lessons in blue. Many ideas here for you to use! My hope is to make your life easier. 😊

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