5 Free Virtual Classroom Lessons for Be Your Own Hero (plus other resources)

Teaching face to face or virtually? These FREE SEL lessons are for you! The lessons are great for Back-to-School and can be an all-in-one lesson or 5 separate lessons. These virtual classrooms go along with my book Be Your Own Hero, and will be a great framework for your classroom norms. Students can click on the interactive hyperlinks in each room that represents a different social emotional skill. Additionally, it is a timely theme to celebrate our heroes around us and within us.

Check out the rooms. They can be used in a variety of ways.

  1. Start by reading Be Your Own Hero. Use the discussion questions that Stories by Storie has on her blog as a supplement to this book.
  2. Review these 5 lessons (poster here) as ways to ‘be your own hero’.
  3. Have students explore the “5 lesson rooms” and report back on paper (guided worksheet coming) or verbally of what they discovered.
  4. Or present one of the lesson rooms at a time. Choose to explore the room as a class or separately.
  5. I know YOU amazing educators out there will figure out how to use these virtual rooms and this book. Comment here to share your ideas!
  6. Also, you can check out my TPT free resource or this 14 page bundles from NCYI on TPT to further support the book’s message.

I really hope this helps at a time when we are all looking for creative ways to connect with our students!

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