Bitmoji Classrooms for Virtual Lessons

When I saw educators posting their awesome Bitmoji Classrooms in March, I was in awe… but had no head space to try and create one. This week I’ve found some time and I’ve learned it’s really not hard. And I think will be so helpful!! Warning, it is addictive and will suck the time right out of a day. In a good way, though… b/c I think this is how I might teach/connect in the upcoming year. It is a learning curve and I am just at the start of that curve. I am excited! Here is my virtual office for the opening of school.

Check out this video below ⬇. This is what I watched and it takes you step by step how to create one.

And there are some links I got off of the Elementary Counselor Exchange on FB. Remember, you can save a copy of other people’s slides and then erase their bitmoji and put yours!

Rebecca Pianta currated this page of options:

There are some templates on TPT too.

Things I’ve found helpful: You can hyperlink not only to videos, but to other slides (aka it can lead you to a whole other room). In my room, click on anti racism or growth mindset and it should take you to another room. Cute puppies is a YouTube and the Meet the Counselor takes you to the counselor website.) You can do voice recordings and animation too.

Edit: Here is an updated version of my welcome classroom with 2 features people tend to ask about.

  1. The video intro
  2. The hyperlinked referral form.

When I come up for breath, I’ll create a post where you can click here to learn more about those 2 features. (This post is coming soon)

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