Read-Aloud List about the Pandemic: Starting School with Real Conversations

When classes resume, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room. THINGS ARE REALLY STRANGE THIS YEAR! Here is a list of read-aloud books (with video links) that teachers/counselors might want to use to create open communication in the classroom.

Also, if you’d like to copy of the email I sent to teachers, feel free to copy and paste.

Subject: Read-Alouds about the Pandemic, Masks, Etc.

Fabulous Teachers: I wanted to share this list in case you wanted to start week 1 with a read aloud to discuss the elephant in the room with your students…. HOW STRANGE THE YEAR IS!!

I’ll check in to see if you used any so I can plan accordingly for my lessons, but this could be a great way to open conversation about what has been going on in order to create open communication in a safe classroom community. I hope this is helpful.

As always, we got this! ~ Lisa King, School Counselor

Let me know if you found other books I should add here. May the force be with you…. and health and safety and growth mindset and chocolate. (And after-hours… perhaps a bevvy)

2 thoughts on “Read-Aloud List about the Pandemic: Starting School with Real Conversations”

  1. Lisa King, I am so grateful for you! Thank you for always sharing your amazing ideas. Stay well and safe! 🙂

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