Growth Mindset Groups: ASCA 2019 Session Preview/Recap

Who is ready to implement growth mindset groups??! This post will recap (or preview if you are reading this early) my ASCA 2019 session July 1st at 2:45 pm. Some of the group curriculum can be found in the books Mindset Matters or Integrating Growth Mindset in Schools. Other groups presented will be out of the box formats… because as practitioners we have to have a growth mindset about how we deliver small groups, right?

Now…onto the clickable hyperlinks of things you can integrate into your small group sessions. (Please note that this post will expand as ASCA gets closer).

Group Selection: How do you select the students to serve in group? Most of use data, teacher referrals, student self-referrals and I use the information I get from Minute Meetings.

What is the “type” of group? This is where we need to think out of the box a bit. So…. here’s the deal. No matter what the “type” of group you are running (anxiety, anger management, friendship, attendance, self-control)… Growth Mindset lessons can be the intervention. The research supports social and academic benefits. So voila, WHATEVER the group you set out to run, it CAN be a Growth Mindset Group.

The 1st session of Small Group: In all small groups, there are several best practice things to do in your first session. #1 Everyone introduce themselves with an icebreaker of your choice. #2 Review Group Rules (see the Group Rules Poster download here)

MINDSET Matters Group: I like creative chaotic structure. The structure in my growth mindset groups is assisted by using the following acrostic.
Each letter in the acrostic represents the topic we will cover in group.

Other types of Growth Mindset Groups are: Peer Helpers/Mindset Mentors, Book Clubs Lunch Bunches, Mindfulness Groups, Project Based Learning Groups, and Advisement Groups. These groups will be described in detail in my session. Contact me if you have any questions, and note that I will add onto this blog as the date nears to ASCA 2019… some see me on July 1st at 2:45 in Ballroom 1 if you are coming to Boston.

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