How to Encourage a Growth Mindset in Your Own Children: Parent Resources

A friend recently emailed me asking for ideas and resources in how to encourage a growth mindset in his own 10 year old child? Funny you should ask, Shawn… I ask myself the same question all the time regarding my own kiddo.

You might have a child that struggles with adopting a growth mindset and that could look like anything from perfectionism, motivation issues, struggling when making mistakes, or not believing they can ever get better at something. Here are some resources that might help.

#1: Love this video that encourages us to praise process instead of intelligence. Additionally, this website is my fave on videos and podcasts on learning and growth mindset.

#2 This is a great book that discusses a variety of issues and strategies for fostering a growth mindset in your child.

#3 Realize that this is a journey and if you model the language and attitude when you yourself struggle with your own fixed mindset, your child will be watching. BUT PLEASE NOTE … A recent article I read (have to find the source) did stress that your verbal reaction to your child’s efforts/struggles is more important in their success than whether or not you claim to have a growth mindset.

I’ll add more resources to this post as I come upon them. Send ’em my way if you have some to share. And thanks Shawn for the inspiration for this post. I hope this is helpful!


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