National School Counseling Week: We’re Here for you Now and Later

National School Counseling Week is about advocacy and showing gratitude. Here is a simple way to do both. Print off these signs and buy some Now and Later candy for your staff. #NSCW19

Or go to last year’s post and go with the “Thanks for letting us help your students when they’re in a crunch”. The Nestle Crunch theme.

There are lots of great ideas out there and it’s awesome to see the NSCW celebrations take over my twitter feed! I am so thankful for my PLN of amazing school counselors across the country (and especially in my home sweet home of GA where most of my marigolds reside.) For some good self-care reading… read this article if you haven’t and Find your marigolds people!.

It’s a great time to be a school counselor and advocate for student success!

Happy #NSCW19! ~Lisa

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