Great Podcasts for School Counselors and Teachers

You have a commute to work, right? Most of us do. How about listening to a podcast for a little Professional Development on the road?  If you are interested in joining in on the fun of growing your brain while you drive (or anytime) here are some ideas.

I am fairly new to the podcast listening world, but right now my favorites are:

The Psychology Podcast This is the podcast that I have most listened to so far. Scott Barry Kaufman interviews great thinkers with very insightful ideas.

Akimbo: A Podcast by Seth Godin  These are first on my current list to listen to more episodes! Brilliant guy with ideas that resonate! I especially this episode:

Character Speaks with Barbara Gruener (And surreal to tell you that I was recently on this podcast !! Yup… surreal for sure. Episode #23 is me: Infusing Brain Science and Daily Rituals with Lisa King)

Train Ugly Learner Lab Podcast:  I am kind of a fan girl of Trevor Ragan and Train Ugly’s work. Their videos and philosophy are aligned with my growth mindset ideology. Can’t wait to dive into their new podcast.

TED Talks Daily  We all know about Ted Talks. ‘Nuf said. Take a listen.

ASCA Podcasts: I Hear You Say  Did you know that ASCA had free podcasts. Webinars too (if you are a member). If you are a school counselor, it’s always good to know what’s trending in our national organization.

Also, Here is a list from Counselor Keri’s Blog of her 5 favorite Podcasts.

5 Great Podcasts for School Counselors

And why not check out what psychologists are listening to in this article:

If you have favorite podcasts, let me know and I’ll add them here! 🙂

Happy Learning to Us all!

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