It’s National School Counseling Week!

Happy National School Counseling Week!  This is a week that we as school counselors have an opportunity to let others know what we do and reiterate how appreciative we are to work with a staff that allows us to do this important work.

So, last week my counseling partners and I decided (nothing like last minute) to do a little something. I will upload the pics of how it comes out… but I wanted to post these NSCW  flyers that you can download here.



We’ll put these flyers along with a big bowl of fun sized Nestle Crunch bars in the mail room.

Also, if you want to listen to a podcast full of other ideas of what school counselors are doing around the country, listen to Hatching Results podcast “Time to Advocate and Celebrate” here. 

Finally, for this NSCW post, I must ask… did you see Michelle Obama honoring this years’ award winners?? If not, you must watch here. And my good friend Alexandra Huguelet was representin’!! She had the well-deserved honor of being Georgia’s School Counselor of the Year. And she has agreed to write a post about her experience in DC at the award celebration… so stay tuned. 

Rock on School Counselors for All You Do!!

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