A Project and Lesson for Kids: What to Do When You are Bored

So I started writing this blog post last night and then abracadabra today is a Snowmaggedon day in Georgia. I am posting now because a) if need a lesson for next week… voila, b) if you have kids with cabin fever, this might be just what you are looking for to do with your own kids just about now. 🙂

Handout printable here

As we prepare to venture out for our break (whoohooo!), many of us are looking for lessons. I came up with this lesson that can be done before any break since many of our students will be saying the famous words to their parents, “I’m bored!”.

Having a 2nd grade child myself, I know that it drives me bananas to hear this from her as I stare at her vast piles of “stuff”. So, in thinking about my lesson next week, I thought that we would delve into the idea of how to stretch your brain to be creative when you are in fact…. bored.

Ways to connect this with your social/emotional lessons: creativity is part of stretching your brain and “being helpful to your parents”

I will be reading this book (click here for an excellent read aloud on YouTube)

And we will be making “What to do when I’m Bored” Bags.

I have never done anything like this before, and I’m excited to do this not only with my class, but my daughter too. (see bottom of article to see how she and my nieces ended up getting involved).

Procedures includes:

After Reading the book (pictured above) or another book on showing creativity and finding ways to stretch your brain. (PPT to assist you is here)

  1. Distribute one paper bag and the “I’m Bored Cards” Handout  to all students. (click for handout)
  2. Discuss with students how it is important to know how to play independently and be creative. This is important when you have vacation/break time, snowdays, rainy days, or just have a lazy day at home. Not only can this be healthy for your brain to stretch and grown, but independent play can be a gift to your parents!
  3. Students can color in and cutout the cards.

And the school counselor snow angel was among us (insert angelic humming here)… as I was creating this lesson. My nieces got snowed in with us for a spend-the-night and they were perfect victims…. I mean volunteers to test this out. So far, it is a fantastic project that we are doing in phase 1 and phase 2 to ease the cabin fever. 

Phase 1: Color in the text of the words in marker and color the background in crayon or colored pencil.

Phase 2: Cut out cards and decorate paper bag.

2 thoughts on “A Project and Lesson for Kids: What to Do When You are Bored”

  1. This is completely and absolutely adorable!!! There is a great youtube of this if anyone doesn’t have the book. Your creativity amazes me!!!

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