Growth Mindset Mini-Grant: Download it Here

We all like to get resources funded for our programs, right? So, click here to copy this grant  so that you can easily tweak it and submit it to your local PTA, professional organization, or local business asking to support your growth mindset initiative. Depending on how much you are asking for will determine your “items requested” within this document, but the information to support the research is all here.
Need more information? Let me know! (See below for samples of some of the resources I requested for this grant for a growth mindset resource library).

Example of Grant Requests

Item Vendor Quantity Cost Total
Teacher/Parent Resources        
Mindset For Parents by Mary Kay Ricci 3 11.52 34.56
Growth Mindset Coach 1 9.21 9.21
Mindset in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci 1 12.15 12.15
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck 1 16.00 16.00
Drive: What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink 1 8.91 8.91
The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle 1 20.80 20.80
Student Resources/Books for Read Aloud        
 Almost  1 14.21  14.21
Listening to My Body: Helping Kids Understand 1 12.99 12.99
You Can Do it Bert 1 12.66 12.66
Luigi and the Barefoot Races 1 7.95 7.95
The Girls Who Couldn’t Sit Still 1 10.96 10.96
Young Genius BRAINS book 6 6.99 41.94
Nothing You Can’t Do!: The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets (group set) 10 15.95 150.95
Resources/Games/Hands On Activities        
Plush Neurons 2 9.90 19.80
Brick Logic Amazon 1 14.99 14.99
Labels for the Library: Property of Growth Mindset Library Vistaprint 1 12.00 12.00
Brain Erasers  2 packs 7.00 14.00

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