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I’m humbled (and excited about!!) the many social media requests for seeing samples of Mindset Matters… so here is a peak into the curriculum.  (And if you want to order it click here)

Click here for the table of contents: table of contents mindset matters *click here*

This book has a way of teaching growth mindset by following the acrostic MINDSET as follows. The main tenants of this concept are teaching brain basics and the power of yet. To totally understand these concepts, I encourage you to watch the gurus enlighten you (check out the videos in the resource tab).Mindset acrostic

In order to teach these concepts at an age appropriate level, I have developed a “Mindset Chant” as well as some lessons that work. How do I know? My students this year remember those lessons and can reteach the new students. (Can I get an amen?!!)

So, you asked for samples… here is a compilation of samples of curriculum *click here* I know some of you requested a sample lesson, but I couldn’t narrow it down to one. Message me if you want more info on any specific section of the program.


Oooh and how fun is this….. Robert Rabon of National Center for Youth Issues surprised me at my school yesterday to hand me a hard copy of the book.  I was pulled into the media center for this surprise celebration where my family, colleagues, and supervisors gathered. Yup, that is shock and amazement on my face! I am beyond impressed at what an awesome professional he is and the team at NCYI are top notch!

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