Kindness Week Ideas: Coffee Sleeves & Secret Missions

This year we amped up our Kindness Week. Thank you to social media and those creative people I stole from! Here is the overview that we gave to teachers this year.

Secret Missions: This was the fan favorite addition. Only teachers who wanted to do it, signed up to participate. We had about 15 classes participate and I am sure the buzz (including administration loving it) while create a higher participation rate in the future. Why? Cause the kids loved “sneaking kindness” especially when the teacher created some drama in the “sneak”. Here is the survey we sent teachers for this activity.

They will then use the awesome kid-colored sleeves for their customers. My local Starbucks was very receptive. (Thank you #Starbucks at 2424 Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA! )

Nametags for All: We ordered nametags for everyone in the building. On the morning announcements we talked about the importance greeting people with a smile and encouraged everyone to use each others’ names when passing in the hallways.

We also had staff do read-alouds and a door decorating contest. Want templates for any of these things?? Just ask and I’ll send along or link here. I have more info on all of these activities if you need. ~Lisa

Here is what we did last year too!

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