KINDNESS WEEK: Ideas for School Wide Programming

I’ve had several requests lately for details about our Kindness Week we do each year. (We do ours in October to align with Bullying Awareness week, but I know schools do it at different times). I hope these resources will help save you time and/or inspire other ideas for you. First of all, here is my Google Folder for Kindness Week with some of the things below in it. Let me know if you can’t access. (Edited to add: Also here are some new ideas we did to spice it up in other years).

Components of Kindness Week: (See Google Folder for Documents):

Daily Themes :Each day has a theme for dress up or activities. Document in Folders that will help are Scope and Sequence (To Send to Teachers) and Parent Flyer to Send Home. Another post about theme days is here.

Kindness Choice Board (kids can earn these prizes if they color in 6 squares. See example in google folder)- This was a HUGE success. They loved the prizes and doing the activities.

Read Alouds by Staff: I hyperlinked the videos into a ppt slide and send it out to teachers so that they could show one each morning. The front office did a skit of a Mo Willems book and it was hilarious!

Some lessons that you could do this week are Invisible Boy and/or Each Kindness.

Hope this is helpful!


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