Invisible Boy: Lesson on Inclusion, Exclusion, & Empathy

 I L.O.V.E. this book.
A few weeks ago, I did lessons in 2nd and 4th grades using the book, The Invisible Boy by @trudyludwig , and as always it was a big hit. Kindness Week (formerly known as No Place for Hate Week) was coming up and this picture book was the perfect springboard. I got inspiration from the blog of @theresponsivecounselor and from author Trudy Ludwig’s blog too.

Here is my 2nd grade PPT

Use sticky notes and a poster board to let kids tell you what including and excluding feels, sounds, and looks like.

At the end of the 2nd grade lesson, I did the pepper and soap friendship science experiment which was an ooh ahh moment to leave the kiddos connected to the story and the lesson. It’s easy enough that the kids can do it at home to provide home-school connection and opportunity to continue the conversation of kindness at home. Details below and adapted from this resource on Trudy Ludwig’s site:

Overview of Friendship Science Experiment:

1. Fill 2 bowls with water. Tell students to imagine that each bowl represents a classroom and that the pepper represents the students.

2. Sprinkle sugar on the pepper (sugar representing kind words) and see how the class stays all together.

3. Then I introduce the “soap.” as mean words or actions. Say, “If a a new student came in and was unkind to others would people want to hang around them? (Now, you drop some dish soap in the bowl . Spoiler, the pepper quickly floats towards the sides of the bowl.) “Nope people move away from others who are often ukind.”

4. Review the supplies needed so kids can show their grown-ups this trick at home. (All that is needed is dish soap, sugar, pepper and 2 bowls with water).

Hope this has been helpful!


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