BORED BAG: A craftivity for kids while at home

Need an easy craft for when your kids say, “I’m Bored!”?

The answer is YES!! The new normal will have us sharing lots digitally … so please use, share with friends, parents, teachers, counselors. Stay grounded and most importantly stay safe!

What is a bored bag? This is a craftivity to help your child (I really mean you) stay sane during these uncertain time. And letting your child show their creativity will be one of the silver linings of these trying times.

Directions for making Bored Bags

  1. Print out one “I’m Bored Cards” Handout  per child. (click for handout)
  2. Discuss with students how it is important to know how to play independently and be creative. This is important when you have vacation/break time, snow days, rainy days, and especially these days when mom and dad are also figuring out the new normal.
  3. Not only can this be healthy for your brain to stretch and grow, but independent play can be a gift to your parents!
  4. Have kids color in and cutout the cards. Don’t forget to color all of the text.
  5. Decorate the paper bag.
  6. Cut out the cards and place in bag.
  7. Shake up bag and have child do one or two now… or each day 🙂

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