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Hi everyone. In these unprecedented times we are finding out the importance of sharing ideas. I wanted to help anyone who needs it (teachers, counselors, parents, kids) with some free resources. Educators can use these ideas for remote learning purposes and/or for when we return to school, put this one in your pocket to have a lesson plan ready.

Check out the read- aloud on YouTube here. Then, Click here for the PDF of Worksheets. Have your own kids or students send me a photo of their work for a chance to win a free book! It’s also available free on TPT. I am stretching my brain with technology, so let me know if these links don’t work. Also, your kids can email their artwork/ideas and enter for a chance to win a free signed book. (ooh ahhh!) 🙂

Email to

Be Your Own Hero is my new children’s book (book birthday was Feb 13 and that seems like 2 years ago in this COVID-19 time warp). The story will soon be read online and available on YouTube or if you want to order it in your ever growing Amazon cart click here. Read alouds to the book will be available free on YouTube soon.

Once you read or listen to the book, you will notice that there are 5 things that Mr. Finley teaches Quinn and her class about being a hero.

Specifically, Mr. Finley Teaches

1-Monday:             Heroes believe in themselves even when others don’t.

2-Tuesday:           Heroes do the right thing even when it’s tough.

3-Wednesday:      Heroes understand that failure leads to success.

4-Thursday:          Inside every one of you is a hero waiting to happen.

5- Friday:    Heroes are just ordinary people who have discovered the power inside them to make the world a better place

Check out the resource/worksheets and let me know what I can do to support you and your kids/students during this #newnormal not so normal time!! ~Lisa (aka Ms. King)

Also, here is a great free resource

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