Be Your Own Hero: New Children’s Book


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I’m pinching myself that this day has come. Drum roll please…. my first children’s book is ready for pre-order! Yup. It’s true. For those of you who know me well, you’ve heard me talk about wanting to one day write a children’s book. Well, that day is here, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m proud to introduce Be Your Own Hero, a story about a girl named Quinn who has a Hero Week in her school.  Her teacher, Mr. Finley, teaches the kids that there are many ways to be a hero, and in the end our main character finds her inner hero, as well.

This book gives the opportunity for you to read a book with your kids that discusses a diverse cast of characters that we can find both in history and our own lives that teach us important heroic lessons. The tenants of growth mindset, perseverance, and doing the right thing are ideas that frame this book. 

I’m excited to get this book in the hands of parents and teachers, because one of the biggest needs for kids today is to learn to self-advocate more than ever. Ultimately (as the main character learns), kids need to be their own hero and recognize their own infinite potential .  There are so many lessons in this storybook about perseverance and doing things for the overall good of society that can open dialogue both for educators in the classroom and for parents to discuss with their children.

Thanks so much for your support in this new endeavor. I can’t wait to hear feedback!!

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