Helpful Resources: Integrating Growth Mindset in Schools #ASCA18

If you are thinking about attending my ASCA 2018 session on Growth Mindset, these are some of the resources that I will refer to.  (A little preview! Hope to see you there in LA on Sunday July 15th at 1:30 pm). This will also serve as your “handout”.

Praising Progress Vs. Praising Intelligence: A great video to share with staff and parents

The Japanese Game Show While you watch this in lessons, encourage students to choose a candidate that they  hope to win. This is an entertaining way to emphasize the pitfalls and slippery slope of working towards a goal.

A great video on neuroplasticity and using the analogy of learning and the creation of neural pathways crossing a ravine, first throwing a rope over to a create a tightrope until it forms  bridge:

Curriculums Mindset Matters and Integrating Growth Mindset in Schools are available at Amazon by clicking the titles.

Video on Why Aren’t We Teaching You Mindfulness

Skateboarder learning a new trick. Lots of great talking points about the learning process.

Stem and Growth Mindset Centers: Here is how to set it up this easy to plan lesson where kids experience multi-sensory hands on learning.

Where to where to buy brain gadgets .

Info on setting up a Parent Workshop.

Want to see a great book list for book studies? Check out’s bookshelf.

This Backwards Bicycle video blew my mind (I didn’t cover this in the workshop, but put aside 7 minutes for this one)

I’ll be adding resources to this post, and always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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