STEM and Growth Mindset Go Hand in Hand

As a school seeking STEM certification, this past May, my principal asked all staff members (including our counseling department) to participate in STEM Day. Since STEM and growth mindset go hand in hand, it was a natural progression of what we had been teaching through our core curriculum about the power of yet, learning from mistakes, and grit.
When the team evaluating the “STEM walk” came through the school, the growth mindset piece stood out since they hadn’t seen it before.  I was excited when I got a call from my principal extraordinaire that we had been asked to present our Growth Mindset and STEM concept to a summer Professional Development Workshop called Stemapoolza.  Thanks to Sally Creel for the invitation and to Missy Shackelford my principal/co-presenter for your leadership!
On with the idea sharing!! (For those attending this session here is an easy access way to remind yourself about what we learned in our time together.)
Want to freshen up on the foundations of Growth Mindset? (Click blue links to go those links)
-Introduction Video by What is Growth Mindset?
-STEM/Growth Mindset Bulletin Board: end product in photo and template coming soon 🙂
Here is how we set up STEM/Growth Mindset Centers:
1. Self-Directed Learning Center:  Lego Activity
4. Teacher-led Game Center: Using Eggspert
The real takeaway from teaching STEM and Growth Mindset in conjunction is the natural pairing of the concepts. W
When students are looking to IMPROVE they are inherently using the power of yet, learning from mistakes, and neuroplasticity. It is exciting for the innovators in education who are diving into both concepts to use the ease in which they truly go hand in hand.

Click here for slide: STEM Process Step= Improve


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