End of Year: Game Show Review Lesson

When the students are squirrelly at the end of the year, what better review can you do other than a game show?

You can do this without the eggspert game, (click blue for link to what I use) but I highly recommend buying this. It is worth every penny of the $50.

I split the classes into 5 teams. I invite them down to my group room, but you can easily do this in their classroom.  The lesson plan in simple.

  1. Create question cards on the content of the lessons you have done through the year.
  2. Also, create  team challenge questions. (ie: Write down as many lessons as you can think of that we have done in our counseling curriculum. or List as many reasons as you can for why we teach about growth mindset.)
  3. Have one contestant come up from each team and have a chance at a question. Whoever gets the question correct gets a point for their team.
  4. Teams can also get points for good behavior (give a few of these at the start and then throughout the game as behavior mod).
  5. All members of the winning team get a small prize.

This was super fun. It also gave me a chance to see what information the students retained and gave the students a chance to reflect on all that we have learned over the year. And for this time of year, an engaging lesson …. game show style …. was perfect for everyone involved.  HAPPY END OF YEAR TO ALL!  🙂

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