Must See Resources on Neuroscience and Trauma

As educators we need to know about neuroscience (so we can better help kids know how they learn) and we need to know about trauma (since so many of our students have experienced or witnessed traumatic events). These two things really fold into each other and as educators, it is important for us to stay on top of our professional development by learning more about this.

So, you might be asking, where can I start learning about neuroscience and trauma?

 1. Watch this: Nadine Harris Burke’s Ted Talk is fascinating and breaks down how ACES (adverse childhood events) effect out mind and body. (This is 15 minutes well-worth your time.)

2.Read this: The Body Keeps Score by Besser van der Kolk . Fascinating. Honestly, I am still only on chapter 4 and listening to it on audible. It’s so interesting that (geek alert!) I’m actually taking notes.


3. Podcast: On Being Episode with Rachel Yehuda  “How Trauma and Resilience Cross Generations”

51 minutes you won’t regret. Learn about epigenetics, the study of how genes actually can express differently due to trauma and be passed down to future generations.


As educators, we have to keep up with our professional development so that we can continue to understand how our students think. If you have a favorite resource on trauma-informed education, please post in the comments so that we can all benefit.  And when you see things on Twitter, FB, etc….. watch out for cutting edge innovations in how neuroscience can help us be better at our craft.

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