ASCA 2017 Presentation Mindset Matters: Growth Mindset

Hello ASCA Attendees and all others reading this!

I’m so excited to be here in Denver with you and that you are interested in learning more about growth mindset. Me too! I’m trying not to be too excited to see Carol Dweck on Monday… but I might not be able to contain my inner-geek.

Here is a link to a survey so I can connect with you and pick your brains by getting feedback and learning more from your experiences that I hope you will share with me.  Click here to take the survey.

THANKS!! -Lisa

And I’m done! Whew… that was fun. I had the best time presenting and talking to many of you after the session. Please keep in touch with me as you implement your growth mindset ideas at your schools.  As promised here are the videos that we didn’t have time to look at during our super short hour together. Also let me know if you have any questions.

Carol Dweck’s Research on Praise for Progress vs. Intellect

A Short Explanation of Neuroplasticity 

Stephen Curry as an example of GRIT

A 6 minute overview of Angela Duckworth’s book GRIT

So much more available by clicking here…



4 thoughts on “ASCA 2017 Presentation Mindset Matters: Growth Mindset”

  1. Unfortunately, I am not at the conference this year. I know it will be exciting. I have purchased your Mindset Matters and will be using it this year.

    1. Awesome, Lois. Let me know if you have any questions about the curriculum. Summer is flying by too quickly, we’ll be back before we blink.

  2. LOVED your presentation! So fun and informational. I can’t wait to get your book to start planning for the school year!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I had so much fun at ASCA. Keep me posted on how growth mindset lessons go at your school. 🙂

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