Senior Walk: Celebrating High School Graduates at our Elementary School

A new tradition is starting this year at our elementary school, and I could not be more excited. I have read articles about this concept of having seniors who are graduating from high school come walk the halls at their alma mater elementary school… but this year it will be a reality for us. Thanks to some awesome administrators and staff members who are making it happen. (That’s you Chelle, Missy, Denise and Heidi!)

To prepare for having our former students who are graduating coming back to flaunt their cap and gown, I asked my colleague whose son is graduating to make a little video that we will show on College Day to prepare our students that the Senior Walk is coming!! Look at this awesomeness:

These guys did this video in one take. (And they mention memories of Career Day …. big smiles from their former counselor!!) They are so grown up and make me so proud. I know I’ll need a box of tissues when I see so many familiar faces walking our halls next week. What an amazing accomplishment to graduate high school and head off in the world to do great things!!
I’ll update with photos once this goes down!

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