Brain Teasers and the Power of Yet

I love using games and activities to teach a point. It works with staff development as well as in student lessons. Here are some brain teasers that can be used to teach the power of yet. When I show this slide, I ask who can figure these out. Then I ask, who doesn’t get them YET. Reinforcing the power of yet during a non-threatening game can teach students to recognize that feeling as a normal feeling during the learning process. We all have moments where we don’t get it yet. Use this as a fun icebreaker, hook for a lesson, or brain challenge. Enjoy!





Click here to download the slide: Brain Teasers




2 thoughts on “Brain Teasers and the Power of Yet”

  1. Is there an answer key to this? I love it and want to use it with my students, but I’m not sure that I know all of them YET. 🙂

  2. Yes!
    1. I understand
    2. Excuse me
    3. Tennis shoes
    4. Banana split
    5. Just between you and me
    6. Tuna fish
    7. Scrambled eggs

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