New Curriculum: Mindset Matters (a growth mindset curriculum for school counselors)

Mindset Matters (King, 2016) school counseling curriculum is now available!

 Why am I looking forward to bringing these ideas into the classroom?

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Because it is a curriculum that is:

  • A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR YEAR’S WORTH OF LESSONS (some of us like to change it up and have been doing the same things for years. Others are just starting and would love a structure to run off with)

  • PowerPoints for you to use in lessons are included

If you aren’t familiar with Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset Theory, I recommend taking 10 minutes to watch this TED talk. Then, think about how you might be able to transfer this idea to your counseling curriculum. That was the idea behind the Mindset Matters curriculum which you can follow with the full curriculum available from National Center for Youth Issues or you can take the idea straight the classroom with your own style. I’ll describe my basic ideas here and I will add on more supplementary activities as time goes on (so subscribe to this blog, if you want them sent to you directly). The book includes links to PPTs to guide your lessons

This curriculum that can be used for classroom or small group. Using the word MINDSET frame your lessons:


Identify Brain Basics

Not Yet is OK



Everyone’s Unique

Teaching Others

Since these concepts align with social/emotional, academic and career domains, you will walk away with a clear way to structure your year of lessons/groups and have student outcomes to show the success in teaching about growth mindset. Click to see these links for video clips  or these resources to better understand this theory and how to infuse this in your lessons.

The bottom line is that kids who understand their brain have better social and academic outcomes. So let’s teach them about training their brain!

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5 thoughts on “New Curriculum: Mindset Matters (a growth mindset curriculum for school counselors)”

  1. Hi I recently ordered the book “Mindset Matters” order #7093. Is there any way of knowing approximately, when it can be expected/shipping timeframe? I need to use it with my lesson prep starting beginning of Sept. Additionally, may I have access to the PPTs links? That way I can have something to use as a base if the book takes a while to arrive to Utah?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hey Andrea. Yes, you will get digital access to the ppts with a code that is in the book, but you can email me directly at and I can send you some info to get you started. I have an email in to the publisher to ask about the time frame of shipping/delivery. Thanks for your interest! I would love to hear any feedback you have as you implement the lessons.

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