Helpful Links for Creating a College Day and Career Day

As promised to those at the Innovative Counseling Strategies Conference, here are some links that will help you in creating successful College Day, Career Day, and to structure your classroom lessons through the year that connect seamlessly to both. As always, if you have questions please contact me. And if you want more ideas, please subscribe to my blog and they will come straight to you as I add them.

Here are links that will help you creates a Career Day.

How to Create a Career Day

More Ideas for Career Day

Career Centers

Kid Snippets YouTube Link to embed in lesson: A Mock Interview where kids voices are dubbed 

More Career Resources

Here are links that will help you create a College Day.

How to Create A College Daycollege day staff

Reviews:  by Savvy School Counselor  and Reviews by Extraordinary School Counselor

YouTube clip: People Like me Can Go to College

Monsters University has a great interactive website

More College Resources


How to create a foundation for a year of structure and consistency of curriculum?

making link

Click here to order the curriculum

Start the making the linkyear with lessons that help kids link school habits to their future. This strategy gives a great structure for you to use throughout the year. You can insert any skill you are covering in your classroom curriculum on a paper link and display it as a link from school to the future/career.

Making link ppt slide

Each link represents a lesson you can teach. Change the link titles to suit whatever lesson you do, since all of these skills connect to a student’s future.



Hope these are helpful resources!  🙂 Lisa

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