New Career Exploration Lessons/Activities

After 2 years of not having Live Career Days…. we’re baaaaaaaaack. We have a Career Day for K-3 in the form of Careers on Wheels and for Grades 4-5, we do a College/Career Fair and College Day. Leading up to our events we do Career Exploration lessons. This week I’m in grades K-2, so here are some ideas I’ve been using.

Games!! Use these to start any Career Lesson. The kids were highly engaged with these:

Jobs And Occupations ESL Game | English Vocabulary Games – YouTube

Can You Guess The Job / Profession From The Emojis? | Emoji Guess Game – YouTube

Jobs and Occupations Game – Guess the Job | Games for Kids – YouTube

Jobs ESL guessing game – YouTube


#YouCanBeABCs from Sam – 6 year old raps about careers A through Z – YouTube

Make Career Hats

All you need are: Sentence strips, a stapler and these templates can be a whole lesson in K/1. If you want the PPT I use for this lesson… contact me. I’ll post soon, but if I forget remind me. 🙂

Lesson: Someday

PPT is here . This worksheet goes along with this lesson based on the book Someday by Eileen Spinelli. Read Aloud here.

Career Day is awesome and I love the lessons leading up to it. And…. it means that spring is nearly here!!!! Whoot!

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