Mindset Matters #EBSCC2021

I just finished presenting at The Evidence Based School Counselors Conference and it was such an honor.

I’m happy to share with you some of the items requested from my session. (If you didn’t attend and you want some freebies that will help you teaching growth mindset ….voila. Also see the pre-post (thank you Amy Chupp!) in taking data on growth mindset programs.

Student Pre/Post Survey

Teacher Pre/Post Survey

PPT filled with Brain Teasers and Games

Crosswalk of Lessons Using MINDSET acronym

Hand Shredder on Amazon

Mindset Matters on Amazon

Growth Mindset is my jam and I loved talking to counselors, counselor educators and grad students today. Let me know what other resources I can help you with ! ~Lisa

3 thoughts on “Mindset Matters #EBSCC2021”

  1. Since you say Growth Mindset is your jam, I have a question for you. I was thinking about this today. One of the teachings of growth mindset is to NOT say “This is good enough.” and to always strive to do better than you have already done. My problem with this is that sometimes we really do need to say, This is good, and be satisfied with it. Otherwise we are are never satisfied, and we live our lives never being content. I think some kids need to hear the “keep trying” message, but others need to hear, “This is good. Let it go now.” What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Thank you so, so much for this!! I am on the rotations schedule, so by the end of the school year, I see all 2nd, 4th & 5th graders twice for 15 days each. One of those 15 days I spend entirely on Growth Mindset. I have your book, and I’ve been receiving your emails, but I never put it together that you wrote the book I am using! Keep up the good work and keep sharing your great resources- love them and this wonderful, important topic!

    1. Amy, How Funny!! I a so glad that Mindset Matters has been helpful! I am teaching it right now and it is so much fun to how the kids relate to the concept so well. Thanks for your kind words and good luck with the rest of the year. (Ps– for 2nd grade I have been using Don’t Worry Little Crab. He learns to overcome his fear of the ocean, even though at first he was not brave… YET!)

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