Tools to Increase Engagement for Virtual Lessons (check-ins, games, etc.)

For our virtual lessons (as well as F2f lessons), we as educators need to heighten engagement. So, here are some tools to do that. In each lesson no matter what the subject…. make sure to do put some hooks, games,memes and even jokes in there. Movement of course works too.

Look below and insert some of these slides in yournext lesson. You will see that it spices up the lesson and allows for some authentic interaction rather than just lecture/didactic boorrrrringness that can happen to the best of us if we’re not careful.

JOKES: Actually, my 11 year old daughter is the one who suggested adding in jokes and memes to my PPTs. It’s been a win. I’ve added a segment in some classes called, “Bad Jokes by Ms. King”. This has gotten great rolling eyes smiles. One kid said, “Your jokes are so bad they’re good.” Yup, it provides a moment for the kids to laugh with me or AT me. Either way, it creates a connection to the subject matter and some levity.

WARM UP WITH A FEELINGS CHECK-IN SLIDES : Also, here is a PPT with ideas for visual SEL check ins.

HOOK ‘EM WITH BRAIN PUZZLES: And here is a PPT with Brain Games and ideas 🧩

KEEP ENGAGED BY GAMIFYING: Here is a post about Zoom Games

WOULD YOU RATHER ALWAYS WORKS: Here are some sample slides.

What else ya want? Got anything to add to these ideas?

Best wishes in these chaotic times everyone!

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